Do You?

Do You? short poem

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Do you keep your faith
When you encounter a wraith?
Or do you turn back and run,
Leaving all work undone?
Do you see light
At the end of a fight?
Or is it the pain
Causing all disdain?
Do you bring change to behaviour
After learning from failure?
Or you cry for a day,
And go the old way?
Do you dream of good
And make its success your food?
Or you let them pass by,
And feel your time fly?
Do you try to stand
And make a mark on this land?
Or you wish to follow
And live with sorrow?
Do you live your life,
Vanquishing every strife?
Or you merely cry,
And prepare to die?

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Instant prayer finds its way. Is what we see the will of the Father? Wait on the Lord.
He knows the way. His purpose will prevail.


There are 2 sides to every coin we encounter..the choice we make determines the course of our journey!


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