Ginger Lime Tea

Ginger Lime Tea short poem

Photo by flossyflotsam

When she came in
Through the door he
Forgot to latch after
The paid one had left,
He was boiling water
For the ginger lime tea, to
Keep the black dogs of
Last night, off his head.
Amused at her own poise
She took the cup he gave,
Sipped once and added
Another cube of sugar.
Found what he nodded at,
Took the last of the bound
Packages of books, she intents
Not to leave at his dump.
Tasted bitter, drained the
Brew down the basin and she
Washed the cup
One last time.

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Songs of a Solitary Tree: Graphical Verses of Sublime Snippets

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Arun M Sivakrishna

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A reluctant writer and a sunday photographer. Recently published a collection of poems "Songs Of A Solitary Tree". Writes in English and malayalam
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2 Comments on "Ginger Lime Tea"

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Laya Sarath

Aww…one last time..:-) lovedd…..

Saurin Desai

I went and got myself a cup of ginger lime tea after reading this 🙂


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