Step Off The Cliff

Step Off The Cliff prose poem

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step off the cliff
that’s the fool artist’s life-
abandon all hope ye who enter here-
what? no audacity?
the monster gentrification approaches-
wild-eyed- sniffing- is it canine- is it feline?

step off the cliff
simon says take twelve steps-
step one- there’s only one step
what? only one? only one more

step off the cliff
you climbed out of hell- the journey’s ongoing
life after life- time after time-
in no time at all you be- there-
where? where else? not here

step off the cliff
leave the past behind- again and again-
pay no attention to the man behind the curtain-
pay no mind to the man behind the mask-
he’s of no consequence to the story-line any longer
how could that be?

step off the cliff
pay no attention to the next step- into the future
into the unknown- even the unknowable
into forever- to follow a star

step off the cliff
see through the mirror-
integrate everything- be nothing
drop down- into the vortex-
drop out- into infinity- into the dream-time
into meditation- into the dance-
into all that is

step off the cliff
the earth supports you- the sky supports you
the heavens support you- run from nothing
fear not the eagle- the eagle carries you
fear not the snake- the snake clears and heals you
fear not the lion- you are the lion

step off the cliff
into clarity- an uncommon sense
into insanity- a short trip
crazy is as crazy does
the fool- wise beyond human limitations- expectations
the sanest one you know
the sanest one- you know

step off the cliff
into the sun- you made it to the top
into the solar system- you followed your dream
into the galaxy- what more is there?
do you want to keep going?

step off the cliff
into the universe- the time/space continuum
into wonder- into god
he brings light- she wields the dark
he guides- she nurtures
he gives strength- she carries on

step off the cliff
it’s a small step- a big step- a step in the right direction
land on the edge- between chaos and order
the only place to be- the only place there is

step off the cliff
into music- into rhythm- baptized in sound
into the song- the minor melody- the major harmony-
chords that play well together- not tie you down

step off the cliff
into the fifth dimension- the twilight zone
the night of the living dead- the arms of the angels
everything says go- the ice flows to the sea
the river runs to the ocean
the ocean of consciousness awaits-

step off the cliff
into the self- the hermit- the ancient one- the knower
time doesn’t exist- and in timelessness only the moment exists
only the eternal now

step off the cliff
into at-one-ment- totality- nothingness
there is no other- no stalking animal that is not also you

step off the cliff
and this lifetime of unacceptable- unavoidable-
inescapable- unbearable hatred will complete
your burden released- your carry-on lighter

step off the cliff
into creativity- into art
into your bottomless unfathomable heart
you’re older- you need less
and that’s really saying something

step off the cliff
hold the light in your hands
fly with the wind- care not- nothing matters
but emptiness- aloneness- oneness
shining- radiance

step off the cliff
go to light-speed- what else is there?
what else is left? find your way home
home is right here- right now
being born- dying again- enveloped in love

step off the cliff
memory- fade to black

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Saurin Desai

very inspiring… step off the cliff, and one shall soar!


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