The Whimsical Female Egg!

A world where I can take birth
And I will not be killed in the womb
Or dumped into a dumpster
Or just thrown like that on the pile of waste on the road
Where my limbs will be pulled by street dogs
Or I would be given salt to burn my intestines
Or buried alive
Or put on a shelf to roll and die
Give me a house, where I can also eat what my brother eats and not his leftovers
Where I can also play and go to school and not be forced into labor when I should study
Where I can also drink milk and become strong like my brother
Where I can also play cricket and football
Where I can also play with cars and dolls and guns
Where I am not forced to hide under walls and clothes and traditions
Where I can ride the big cycle and feel the sun and dance in the rain
Where I can dream to be an astronaut a pilot an engineer
Where I can play as long as I want
And go as far as I can
And swim in as many ponds as there are
Where I am not kidnapped and abused and raped and killed and burnt
Where my father and brother are not my destroyers who do not fight me but with me
Where I can dream, I fly and I wonder
To such a place, such a home, such a world
I wish to be born
Otherwise mother I refuse to be born
I am happy the way I am
I just may remain an egg
And one day I will be flushed out of your body as blood
But till then at least
I will have my dream, my hope, my fantasy
Of such a world where I wish to be born!

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3 Comments on "The Whimsical Female Egg!"

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Saurin Desai

@ Iman… amen to that


Great thought. Weird fact but less appreciated, unfortunately. Bold poem. Good to read and recommend to everyone to read, at least.

Editorial Board

@iman_singh, the egg will surely have no choice, unless fertilized, it will be flushed out as blood at the end of the female ovulation period. Nevertheless, the message is timely and relevant to the times. Amazing write.


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