Not Me

Not Me short poem

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So much Krisnachura was strewn on the path,
we stomped on them, wind was tousling—
so sweet, like a lovely woman, musk of wild
champak. The perfume reminds me of exquisite
palms, deep coiffure and wild dreams of night.
Then I smiled—who was the man crossing the fiction
of a reality in the heart of beauty, was it me ?

When the curtain was blown away, a glimpse of her thighs
and elegant elbows resting on the desk, on other side who is the man,
nonchalant, smoking away his time, why he did not kiss her ?
Only eyes met eyes—an ethereal catwalk, an improbable awareness
of souls. In the coffee shop, the intangible couple gave me a sudden pang,
an anguish stalking me endlessly—they did not belong to this darned earth
just came for a jaunt.

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I am interested in literature, music and philosophy. Actually i am bent on keeping myself updated on all sorts subjects so that I can put my fingers on the pulsating life.I like to talk with like-minded . life is too short and too long. I am now a writer-completed and working on several literary works and a fiction.
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asoke kumar mitra

lovely write, very new style, perfect imagery.


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