The Manifesto

The Manifesto prose poem

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The discomfort of self, the sheath of truth crumbled by the church preaching ignorance and bitterness
God does not look upon you with grace and love, this is what they tell you
You are poisoned, grotesque, morbid, monstrous, and vile
You are the product of mistake, you are the cancer that is destroying this already decayed society
We did not do this, it was you
We stayed in our homes with our wine and hate, we abided by the rules, but you didn’t
We made those rules to keep you in line, why did you think you could say they were wrong, because you are a human too?
We built our castles of sand and limestone with our own hands, we built them upon the bodies of the meek and helpless
We honored their lives by casting their lives as our own, we bastardized their marrows with our own
We told you what you are, but you say you are something else, if only you would follow us you would be happy
We are the solution, just adhere to our creeds and rules, while we punish and demonize you for your self worth
This is the motion we have made in stone, stained by blood and sorrow, this is what we say, this is what we sow
Our time of punishment will never come, there is no fire coming to burn us
We hide that fire in our closets, the smoke is only an illusion to us
We are not beasts, we are not vile
These are not fangs dripped in innocent blood, these are not claws marked by tears and pain
We have dressed them up in suits and dresses, we are the wolves among wolves
You mark us as the problem, how dare you, we did no such thing
We only lit the fires to keep you warm…
We will not burn, for we are made of hide and steel
You will suffer for going against us, for trying to be yourself
We will start wars to keep our order, we will torture to keep our peace, we will bully innocents to make them conform to us, we will kill to keep our power
The discomfort of self, the sheath of truth crumbled by the society preaching ignorance and bitterness

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Hello, I go by astral. If you've taken the time to look here, it means a great deal to me.
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