My Guitar Weeps

My Guitar Weeps short poem

My Guitar Weeps

My tired
The strings….

Crazy twangs
Wild jingle…
A sad song

My guitar weeps
The heaviness
Of my lonely

The heart is wounded
It bleeds
The blood clots
Into touching
A song is born….
My guitar weeps!!!

From the fathoms
Of my heart
A mute tune is
The octave music of love

My Guitar weeps!!

In the distant silence of the night
I hear the soft sadness
In your sweet voice
Longing to be in my arms

Time meanders into the silence
As My Guitar weeps!!

In the womb of the night
The fetus of our love
Seeks an expression … the strumming of the guitar!!!
…a moon drop falls
…a night jaw whistles
…a rainbow dream
Tries to bridge the distant love
In my quest to be with my love
….My Guitar strums….
My Guitar weeps
The silent song of love !!!

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6 Comments on "My Guitar Weeps"

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Savi Mani

Dear Viswas a very touching poem indeed, once again in your own style, the Guitar weeps ……the loving heart yearns for his distant love and not finding any solace, the guitar weeps giving birth to a sad song …..felt the sadness of the sad song …..wonderful poem…….touched my heart……

Geetha Paniker

Beautiful poem.

ammu sachariah

Your Guitar weeps And you heart too. Pain of love is visible through out your poem. Wonderful .


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