Aint Know Mountain High Enough

Aint Know Mountain High Enough short poem

Photo by Paxson Woelber

The first time I looked up, I said wow can this be done?
I had to climb this mountain where its top was above the sun.
First reaction was “impossible”, but I had to try,
either overcome this obstruction or die.
By placing one hand on a rock and my foot upon a stone,
this may take forever but I am gonna make it home.
I keep my eyes to the skies and never look down,
sweat slides down my flesh as my heart pounds.
Taking short breaths, my musles start to ache,
body gets weak and my legs start to shake.
I had to go on but I slipped and now I am falling,
GOD is the only name I am calling.
Suddenly I wake up: yes it was a dream,
I lay there wondering what does all this mean.
But quickly went back to sleep to face the challenge of my dreams…

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