Dream, Dare, Dazzle

Dream, Dare, Dazzle short poem

Dream as if you are waiting to be born,
The roses will bloom and bear no thorn.

No matter how Impossible the dream may be,
Don’t let the world decide what you have to be.

Its only when you dare tread the forbidden path,
You discover fortune and rise above the crowd.

The difficult times don’t always last for long,
Instead they give you courage and make you strong.

Only if you wish to dazzle among the stars,
You need to take the leap of faith when time calls.

Don’t shadow your path with worries in your heart,
Let the light of your determination enlighten the path.

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4 Comments on "Dream, Dare, Dazzle"

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Editorial Board

Wonderful piece of writing @lata! The content is so inspirational and the words used so appropriate – Truly Dazzling!

Swathi Rao

That is a good write.. 🙂


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