I want to remember…

I want to remember... short poem

I want to remember…
those immaculate strings moving
across this spectrum of dust
this spectrum of golden dust
stealing around your meningeal hair
those amusing gaps
segue ways of humorous slip ups I’ve missed
in order to get on with the day
those wily wiles and daring reaches of expression…
your mind on a holiday
feels like feast I can’t have enough of
meaning assembling itself so fat
I can barely hold on those threads
keep repeating to myself
I’ll go back to it
now, where has it gone?
This woven basket of a story
of ways you’ve been…
like an artifact in a museum staring back
your face through the day revealing nothing
nothing, nothing of the life we just lived
nothing, not a trace of the night before
I want to remember what I was looking for
where did I put it?
how do I change the settings on my phone’s display
the way it used to be
linear? alphabetical? ordered?
so each app only ever occupies a particular spot on the scroll
like the lolly that was your favorite as a child…you knew where it was kept
If it moved, it altered your entire system of reward for good behavior
Huh, I forget what I was looking for
Where did I put it
I want to remember.
Beautiful old people are so beautiful and I grow so old in their presence,
so big, so grand, so beautiful.

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Editorial Board

Wow! As I read this poem, I get a thought ‘I know this feeling so well!’ @Swa_Sri your words reach the core and rattle the deepest chords of memories. This longing for lost moments is something each soul can relate to. Every image in this poem breathes life. Keep writing!


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