Little Gray Men

Little Gray Men long poem

I took an unfamiliar trail
Through a forest that wasn’t there
Green sky, red trees and all
But at least I wore my wing tips

And as I studied the blue dirt
Tiny footprints appeared
They did
But I was extra clumsy that day

I kept dropping my sandwich
And someone kept tying my shoe laces together
I had sand in my wich . . . Again
But I’m a man of good temperament

I just can’t stand sandy tomatoes
I leave those for the Penguins
They seem to favor the texture
And they beg for my bread

I haven’t seen any today though
Then suddenly (that happens often)
I saw them
And my flask was still half empty

Little gray men
With subtle pale-blue eyes
They all had on the same shirt
But different hats

They were pointing to a bush
With thorns on it
It was an ugly bush
I know an ugly bush from a pretty one

But I humored them
And I started to go over
To look in the ugly bush
With thorns on it

But as I tried to move
I fell down
There went my sandwich again
And guess where it landed

Right in that ugly bush
Then suddenly (I told you that happens often)
It started to rain
Those little bastards

They were the ones
They tied my shoe laces together
So I went home
And pondered

I could have been mad
About being wet
And losing my sandwich in that ugly bush
But I’m a man of good temperament

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Rich Wright

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Rich is a writer, poet, photographer, creative, wilderness instructor, Eco therapist, explorer and lover of nature and life. He has been to the darkest of places and somehow made it out. He has always been guided by a force that knows what he needs to learn. He has humbled himself before this power many times and continues to move forward, sometimes backwards first, but still forward. Rich knows that his highest purpose is to support others with love and compassion. He is not sure where he is going but he remains awake and fearless on his journey.
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