Shall Rock you, some more!

Shall Rock you, some more! short poem

Built to perfection, designed for comfort
Polished warm brown, with cushions floral..
Often, admired a while, by those on road
I waited a keen eye, to take me home…

And then came in, a dainty inquiring lady
Ah, but look she was awaiting a baby…
Her cool eyes rested on me, and smiled
There, I had found the home of my glory

A journey, that would last an eternity
My chore, to ease her when she’d be weary
Deciding happily, a fine memento I would be
And ease her mind, and heart, when need be

A quiet rock, when she needed a dreamy while
A harder one, when she needed to unwind..
Kind, on groans and aches, the days she was tired…
Thoughtful, as she rehearsed the honeyed rhymes

And then came her joy, a threesome we made
Gurgles matched in tune, the rocking ways..
Soothing the duo, when to be tranquilly rested,
Or gamboling on, on their playful cuddling gestures…

Years pass, and I still befit well the lady
When all she needs, is a rocking relaxed while
I nurse her ails and listen oft to her snores
I share her joys, and rock in with her tunes..

Oh hear today, its time to leave my home
Nostalgic and quiet, I wonder at my new adobe
Oh but what a delight, the baby I had rocked
Was now to be my friend, for years to come…

With some joy and pride, I realize the purport…
Every time passed on, for joy, and comfort.
I rock away their pains, I sing with their joys..
Eternal, pieced and hardy, lasting the eons.

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Swathi Rao

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A few words strung together on inspiration, or a few thoughts penned down for clarity. A hobby that has consistently matched to represent the inspirations in me. Most often, they are from incidents and trends happening around the world, books or articles that I may parse through, or some noble cause that had greatly impressed me. I have been writing poems, and short stories, since I had been 6 years. Music and poetry walk hand in hand; good music, good poetry shall always stay my favorite pastime.
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Editorial Board

Delightful @Swathi_Rao! Your writing evokes such a sense of nostalgia for those familiar objects which have been a part of one’s growing up years but never really paid heed to..With deft words you manage to imbue the reader with a sense of warmth and comfort. Splendid work!

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

This could almost befit an ode. Ode on a rocking chair. Nice write.

Joseph C Ogbonna

I consider this write-up a very ingenius one.The delicacy of language is absolutely remarkable.Thanks for sharing it.


I loved this gentle story passing through time.


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