Paradise On Earth

Paradise On Earth long poem

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Crimson tulips,scarlet roses,
Snow-white roses with beautiful posies.
Gorgeous fairies in flamboyant gowns,
Always cheerful and happy,they never frown.
Yellow buttercups and pink azaleas,
Hibiscus and bright coloured bougainvilleas,
Spreading on the walls of the lush green lawns.
As if Sheila fairies standing in a row,
Ready to dance.
Hectic red roses dancing in cool breeze,
Surviving and reviving in hot sun with so much ease.
Beautiful zinnias spreading their splendour,
Pansies and pussy willows revealing their lustre.
Lilac bushes are melting my heart,
Spring snowflakes and delicate snowdrops.
Gardens are my weakness,oh my dear God,
Snow covered mountains and Sunset Boulevard.
Gulmarg or Luxembourg gardens are exceptional,
Kashmir’s Mughal Garden are multidimensional.
Lakes of Nainital or Dal jheel of Kashmir,
Shalimar Gardens and Rose Garden of Faizabad,
All are magnificent creations of Almighty God.
The Heavenly Kashmir is full of heavenly glory,
A Paradise on earth, not a vain glory.
The valleys are full of Chinars and silver birches,
Climbing the mountains on pony and horses.
All Kashmiri Gardens are full of gorgeous flowers,
The Renunculus and summer snowflakes,
Enhancing the beauty of sparkling lakes.
Casablanca lily and Chilean jasmine,
In Persian land they are called Yasmin.
Dianthus and Didiscuses dancing in rows,
Christmas bells and Calla lillies in amazing pose.
Hydrangeas and cosmoses playing with Goldfields.
Blazing stars like fairy’s lustrous hairs,
Peach blossoms and cherry blossoms are laughing in the air.
Wax flowers with their Snow White petals,
Captivating and mesmerising my heart and mind,
Phloxes,proteas and petunias and the delicate begonias,
Can’t you prostrate to praise your Lord,
For His marvellous creations?
Orange roses,white rock roses and witch hazel,
Spiraeas,Scilla and sweet crab apple.
Some strange flowery plants,green silky leaves on the top,
Scarlet flowers hanging down as red gloves ready to drop.
In the middle of the garden there is a magnificent pond,
The pond’s surface looks green with the reflection of green lawns.
Black tree trunk due to ravishing rain,
Falling in the pond’s mirror as the black logs.
Scarlet and pink flowery plants in wreath,
Silhouettes of the green plants encircling beneath.
On the other side snow-white roses revealing their charm,
The combination of blood red roses with shiny green leaves,
The atmosphere was romantic,serene and calm.
Some patches of flowers are pink and green,
Enhancing the beauty of scenic scenes.

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Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

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I am a graduate in psychology from Aligarh Muslim university Aligarh.I got my early education from Lucknow and Faizabad.I started writing poetries from the age of seventeen.i've written1000 poems in English and Urdu.still scribbling more poems.
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Depiction of beauty of nature and flowers written extremely well!



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