For, I Will Hate You To Death

I have this strong dislike towards you
For the reasons known to me
You do not fall in my like list
For, I hate you to death

Whatever you do, I am not convinced
My dislike and hatred stands above your
Mawkish Love, which I am late to realize
You are so selfish and mean and what not
Words are not enough to show my abhor
But just know, I do not respect you

Your deeds are the worst,
Worser even after my umpteenth ignorance
You beg forgiveness, and I consider
Assuming you will turn good one day
But, nothing, you won’t change

It’s in your blood to take other’s curse
And that continues to all your births
If you stop turning your likers to dislikers
Now at this moment, you are promised
Your next birth is fine and safe
If you not, it continues all your births
And in all births, for sure you will have me
And I will hate you to death
For, everyone will hate you to death

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10 Comments on "For, I Will Hate You To Death"

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Viswas Menon

Wow…so much of strength….in the words….
move away from hate however hateful the situation may be …and life becomes worth….it…
hate just burns ….

Geetha Paniker

Very strong emotion portrayed with hate….too good, Laya.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

Better to be alone rather than being in the company of somebody who does not know our worth .

ammu sachariah

Better to keep a distance from the person who is not in your like list. Wonderful poem .

Savi Mani

Dear Laya……..very strong emotional poem, yet love and hate are two sides of the same coin, one hates the person one loves and one loves the person one hates, it hurts when one realizes that your worth is not understood or known to the person you love/like……but yet hate burns ours inner soul……good to keep distance and move away …….from the one who doesnt deserve a loving heart……..nice poem…..the heart is created by the one above to have filled with love and not hate and may your heart remains full of love and love to spread…and may your near and dear ones realise your worth………


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