Mired In A Chocolate Fantasy

Mired In A Chocolate Fantasy long poem

Silhouettes, of our memories
Shadows, of our love
Sunlight from the days gone by
Have blinded every thought
The moment stops,
Hell freezes above,
The devil escapes from my mind
From places locked up deeper than before
The discerning scent of a chocolate,
Drawing my demons out
As it would to the other insects and the likes of everything that crawls
Forcing me back in time, to watch
As a ghost, standing by near our younger selves
Watching as we watched each other through our gleaming eyes
When we had only met for the first time
And without hesitation
Started searching for the universe dwelling beneath them
I stood there watching as a translucent figure above us
As our skins touched, as your fingers grazed mine,
As we bared our souls naked to each other
And without hesitation we both leaned towards each other
I stood there watching as our parched lips touched each other so innocently
Kissing and quenching the thirst in each of us
I watched by that moment, I thought I had found the reason for my life
I followed,
Hovering above as we tightly held each other and went to our abode
Our foolish youth made us snicker, as we dubbed it our very own love shack
The laughter died as soon as I shut the door,
I looked at you, and there you were,
My goddess of love,
The air thickened inside with our lust for each other
As even a moment our skins weren’t touching seemed an eternity in time
I pulled you closer and you didn’t hesitate to acknowledge my desires
As we pulled the curtains together and revealed ourselves to each other
The warmth of your skin drawing me towards you,
Sensual and passionate as I had always promised
Young and in folly, we had dreamt of this night in so many ways,
Unknown to the ways of making love, we fumbled and laughed
And in the corner, something made me turn my head
You saw what I had seen, and you nodded instantly
You laid there barren, waiting for me to open up the bottle
To pour the finest chocolate onto the smoothest skin of yours
And on that night I had tasted my sweetest memory.

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