Once Upon A Bridge

Once Upon A Bridge short poem

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I stood on the over-bridge, yellow phosphorescence beckons–
Round moon like bosom of goddess Venus , nipple for a touch;
a lapwing cries over the night.
A sudden rustle in the undergrowth
awakened the ephemeral days of my youth, fallen from twig
twirled on the dirt .

I left the classes,, the roads and highways meaningless ennui,
Listless country, sometimes glimmered a magic reality–
a spike of mountain at horizon flashed like her naked gorgeous flank
This boozing did not burn my heart–such was the loneliness, such
was the dream. someone went away with swinging lantern, I knew
he would not come back again.

Darkness at the heart of darkness, then again darkness like a baby
in the womb, he grew into a child, dove in the swirling water,
he is a nameless pang in the wind of my being.
My defeat rises again like a night-bird.

Oh, my horizon kissing death, my lust for a life,
at the dusk on that dune rain fell like a quivering dream,
my dear, I woke in the witching hour, your eyes met mine.

Poet’s Note:
I contemplated about this poem while standing alone on a bridge. It is, I think, a mystic poem containing memory of my adolescence.

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I am interested in literature, music and philosophy. Actually i am bent on keeping myself updated on all sorts subjects so that I can put my fingers on the pulsating life.I like to talk with like-minded . life is too short and too long. I am now a writer-completed and working on several literary works and a fiction.
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Shamala Chandran

you are lucky to have a such a heart warming experience on the bridge…


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