The Incomplete Woman

The Incomplete Woman long poem

Photo by Mike Knapek

Sitting on the bed your legs stretched,
on your shoulder so lovingly you kept my head,
holding my face with your palms
you kissed me on my forehead,
embracing me in your arms
you kissed me on both my eyes,
whispered softly in my ears,
you have now become a complete woman,
my love has made you complete.
I forgot everything in those moments
Closing my eyes, tried to take in the word,
A complete woman.
Drenching my soul, my very being
This was the name henceforth I wanted to be known
Forgetting the pains of yesteryears,
Your love so overwhelming I felt my tears.

Now, In the silence of night
Often I ask the question to myself,
What is my life’s plight
I wonder am I a complete woman
What does a complete woman have
What an incomplete woman doesn’t have
What is that difference between the two
Both have love in their respective lives
Then why is a complete woman complete
And an incomplete woman incomplete.

I travelled back to find the answer
Remembering those moonlit moments
All my life I waited for someone like you
Waited for the real soulmate
And finally I found you
Our feeling for each other so pure
Knowing you are mine and I am yours
But the truth is also that
I am like those small pebbles
Which gets receded to the shores

Oh my love we shall always be apart
We are nobody and shall always be nobody
in each other’s real lives
Each time I take you away from your real world
A world where you belong
I shall always be buried in my own guilt
A hurt which I will carry with me for long.

How can I be a complete woman
When I am destined to live my life without you
How can I be a complete woman
When I am going to go one day
Without you knowing I have gone
My eyes will search for you while leaving
But you won’t have known
You may long for me but I will not be there
How can I be a complete woman
When all my life I wait for you
Not knowing you are still there for me!!!

Poet’s Note:
Love just happens it is neither planned nor chosen, its a feeling which only the two hearts know who love each other, yet knowing your love cannot be yours in the real world is a silent killer, a guilt which is carried to the grave.

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14 Comments on "The Incomplete Woman"

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Viswas Menon

Well written,,,,well expressed….when love touches a women …the women is complete….when love touches a man …he too becomes complete….love pervades everything else in this world….in fact the entire world survives on love…it is love that makes the world and the beings in it go on in their respective lives…

A women and a man are complete entities on their own…and when they are together even if it is for a moment…the life at that point in time is complete…love is hope and hope is life….spread love …give love….share love…only when humans make love the significant core of their lives will it attain sublimation and completeness…

destiny brings together men and women sometimes to just love for a few minutes or for an entire life time…and at that moment in time man and woman are complete…and the completeness continues in memories …

merge in your love…merge with your love and attain sublimation of love….which is divine completeness…

ramakrishnan chatakondu

For a moment I closed my eyes to. live a life without love……..felt the suffocation would kill me … doesn’t matter whether somebody loves me or not…..I am in love with the word love….I want an excuse to be in love always …… is magic ……..other wise this life will be colourless……..

By the way there is no standard definition for completeness ………values of life they change with circumstances ………I gave my best……this feeling is more than enough to reach heaven .…… do what our conscience says is heaven ……..

ammu sachariah

A heart touching poem. No words to express my feelings . I loved the poem.

Ramapriya Nr

How can I be a complete woman
” When I am going to go one day
Without you knowing I have gone
My eyes will search for you while leaving
But you won’t have known
You may long for me but I will not be there ”

This is enough to melt a stone. This is enough to bring flood of tears. This is enough to get submerged in the ocean of lost love. This is not a poem. This is the dictionery for searching meaning of Love. The feelings have emerged deep from the bottom of the heart of a true Lover. What can I say ? I can only feel that this is a master piece of expression of true Love which can be felt by a person who loses his real love out of reasons beyond his control. Emotion flowing far beyond the boundaries of eternal Love. hats off to the author Savi ji


Very good poem. For that matter love triggers both happiness and excitement and words
are no where near to express the feelings.

Geetha Paniker

A euphoria of love and its effect, be it a man or a woman. Explicitly conveyed. Beautiful!

Neetu M.

Savi, you have given expression to the perfect kind of love in this poem, which sadly is rare and fleeting but so worth cherishing.



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