Silken Shadow

Silken Shadow short poem

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Twined in time and silken shadow
Bathed in light and blinded there
Lost in rhyme on greenest meadow
Confusion, sadness, a cross to bear

Can time make end this never-ending?
Can future lost e’er be replaced?
Can past distort the message sending?
Can passion’s flame part lips so chaste?

Wicked taunting; pained expression
The bitter slicing knife; remorse
Hear the voice of my confession
As I trod this rugged course

Flames that flicker, dying ember
Desires not allowed to grow
Burning like none I remember
Fate it seems, will close the show

Loves before have left me empty
Some because of loss of chance
Staggering loss before has rent me
Still I linger for the dance.

Music, yes, I hear it playing
The words, the tune – I hear it all
Melody gets my thoughts to straying
Come hither lover; join the ball

Faithless? Then there is no answer
Who’s to say with so much time?
I’ll be blamed – A faithless dancer
I see no victim of my crime.

See things as a gift or blessing
No matter if they seem so dire
Onward go, with sins confessing
Dance, yes dance and stoke the fire.

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Phillip Poythress

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I simply enjoy writing. Mostly fantastical things. Someone once told me that my word choices were poetic so, I thought maybe I would try poetry.
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