A strange camaraderie

A strange camaraderie short poem

You always see me smiling
for my tears are very shy,
they like none but my company
reason you shouldn’t ask why.

Their presence distills,
soothes and relaxes me free,
helps snap all tensions
isn’t a strange camaraderie?

They’re the one to bank on
when others don’t pay any heed,
true to the saying-
“a friend in need is a friend indeed”.

Sometimes they just drop by
when I don’t even ask,
only to realize later
they made all my worries mask.

And you see me smile
for that’s what so far I’ve shown,
it has been quite a while
for me living, living all alone.

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6 Comments on "A strange camaraderie"

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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

They say “you always smile but in your smile your sorrows show” that is in a song. Enjoyed the poem much. The shy rhymes are nice.


Really Nice!!

Savi Mani

wonderful poem, yes the tears do wash away our worries our sorrows for a while and we become ready to face the challenges that life throws on us, liked the poem and the hidden sadness ….it is said tears should be allowed to fall down, its not a sign of weakness but its a sign of transparency ……….


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