Transcendental prose poem

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The Sun on my hands
a shaft of light
from somewhere.
I first felt the warmth
then the heat,
the hands perspire
the ray lights up
countless jewels
Diamond crusted gloves
on moulded clay.
Hands caressed each other,
for time’s not the factor
in lost contemplation
and my mind mused
why doesn’t the celestial light
penetrate the skin,the muscle
the bone,the marrow?
light up hands
X rayed translucence
to see through me
once,child’s curious fancy
when hiding in the comfort
of closed closets,under beds
dark corners
playing with flash lights
we would cup our little hands
over the beam
fascinated stare of a child
at the penetrating red
lighting up the hands
a moment of divinity…
But then we were children
Now we think we KNOW!

Poet’s Note:
Deep down in the subconscious there is this craving to be transformed into an ethereal being free from this finite confines, such awareness comes in momentary flashes but negated by theoretical knowledge oriented minds.

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Suresh Chandra Rao.Nallapu DOB:23-08-1960 Place of Birth:Dhahran Saudi Arabia Nationality: Indian Age:54 Marital Status:Married Educational Q: MA.,M.Phil English Profession:English lecturer Andhra Christian College Residence: H.No 5-93-10 6/13 Brodipet Guntur-522002 Andhra Pradesh Musician self taught guitarist singer,free style artist poet and writer
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I enjoyed reading your poem and footnote. Yes as we grow older our teachings kind of train
us out of loads of things. But maybe only once we blend. However I wish to be when
I am dead not now, life is a maze as it is without bringing extra dimensions into it.
My your poem got me truly thinking, great!

Ankam Vijay Newton

“Diamond crusted gloves
on moulded clay”

Are the beautiful lines Uncle……This is all true in any successful persons life……


Transcendental Deliberation

Transcendental Deliberation short poem

I left you there!… Between semicolons and dashes, lost inside the days of future past, stuck in your grammatical mentality and lyrical augmentations… Even when you raised your punctuation you could not decipher my heart’s alphabet… Your comma kept jumping