Ode To Mr. Turkey

Ode To Mr. Turkey ode

Half past five
Coffee hits an empty stomach
Gun clean, cameo on
Headlights in the driveway

We don’t talk much on the drive
This time is for quiet contemplation
Although we try
We know we might take a life

Most hunters aren’t like us
It’s all about the kill
The trophy
The bragging rites

Sacredness is forgotten
And sadly, we know it

But if you sit on a mountain
As many years as we have
You start to listen with your heart

As it connects with your nature

A memory returns

That you recognize
But not through words
Not through conscious memory
But through silent vibrations

Through an unseen, intelligent
System of roots
That you sit upon
Without knowing

They talk to you
And there is a knowing
Like your first love

Like the first snow
Before it falls

The most peaceful feeling I know
But it can’t be explained
Nor should it

Because it is life
The very life of life
And you feel alive
With all life

And death makes sense
Because death is life
The forest tells us that

So, thank you Mr. Turkey
You will forever live in us
As us

Each spring and always

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Rich Wright

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Rich is a writer, poet, photographer, creative, wilderness instructor, Eco therapist, explorer and lover of nature and life. He has been to the darkest of places and somehow made it out. He has always been guided by a force that knows what he needs to learn. He has humbled himself before this power many times and continues to move forward, sometimes backwards first, but still forward. Rich knows that his highest purpose is to support others with love and compassion. He is not sure where he is going but he remains awake and fearless on his journey.
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Truly being at one with nature and yourself, a good blending its instinctive when its allowed to get through.
Loved the reading of your poem.


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