The ‘shortness’ Of A Lil’ While

The ‘shortness’ Of A Lil’ While long poem

Photo by Ömer Ünlü

When I first got to meet him
Soon after you left him
I did not know him
But something caught my attention.

This something grew stronger
Every day was revealing
A depth that was building
The real-ness was superceding.

I knew it was only for a lil’ while
So I wanted time to stand still in style
I grasped with both hands to tie it down
The shortness of lil’ I hadn’t known.

The lil’ while was soothing
That lil’ while was healing
Deep sighs of relief it brought
Frantic answers were never sought.

The shortness of a lil’ while I did not know
How lil was a lil’ while?
As vapor it vanished, as a breeze it passed by
If you knew, why didn’t you tell me a lil’ ago?

The shortness of this lil’ while hit me brutal,
You came in and took him, it was close to fatal
This shortness of a lil’ while I did not foresee
I was not prepared, shocked in despair.

I wish he’d be wondering
About the same shortness of time
Longing for a lil’ bit more,
Maybe for an hour or so

This shortness of a lil’ while,
How lil’ is a lil’ while?
The answer was never on the clock,
But secured heart-deep with a lock!

Poet’s Note:
Story about three people. Tim, Jake & Wendy. Tim & Jake are good friends, and Tim goes away for a while. Wendy decides to keep Jake occupied & give him some company for a while until Tim comes back. The time spent turns out to end up in something more than friendship & a closer bond between Jake & Wendy. When Tim returns, Wendy finds it difficult to let go of the close connection she developed with Jake in that little time.

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ammu sachariah

nice poem.


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