Answer His Call

Answer His Call long poem

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She sits in her room wondering where did time go?
It seemed to her things use to go slow.
She was once again eighteen and had the world to explore.
Now she walks on this sandy shore.

She looks out the window and sees the beach and remembers how she did live.
Everyday her love and time she tried to give.
She wanted to do something great.
She knew as she sat there pondering this was her fate.

She had decided many years ago to teach about the greatest love of all.
She told about the day she heard his call.
She was living a life of sin.
She didn’t know where to begin or end.

Confused, down and out she fell on her knees and cried with a mighty shout.
Please, help me I don’t know what to do.
She heard him at that moment call out her name.
She could not look up because of her shame.

He said, ” Look on me.”
She looked up, but could barely see.
The light was so bright that it blinded her sight.
He said, “I am that I am, repent of your sin; pick up your cross and follow me. ”
“Believe in me and you will see.”
” I offer you a brighter, more beautiful life.”
His words cut through her like a knife.

Her eyes filled with tears and streamed down her delicate face.
He reached down and wiped away her tears, then they were gone without a trace.
He said, “Follow my command.”
“I have for you a better plan.”

He said, “Spread my love all around.”
“Shout it from the mountain tops to the ground.”
“Tell the world once you were lost, but today you are found.”
As she sat here remembering all this the tears began streaming down.

On that day she met her savior and saw his face.
She knew she had been saved because of his grace.
Now today with paper and pencil in hand.
She wrote these words at his command.

“Repent of your sins and be born again.”
“Come meet our Savior, fall at his feet.”
“He will save you if you make things right.”
“God’s love for us is great and out of sight.”

As a man he was tried.
Then he suffered and died.
His love for you is the greatest of all.
So do the right thing and answer his call.

She reviewed every word.
Then to her feet she stood.
He did have a bigger plan.
He taught her he was not an ordinary man.

His love for her, today she would share.
She knew there were many who needed to hear these words and would care.
Then she took a walk on the beach.
She looked toward heaven and knew now heaven was within her reach.

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Andrea Counts

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I am 44 years old and my spouse is Darrell Counts, we met when we were in High School and started dating when I was 16 and he was 19. We were married when I was 18 and he was 22. We have some great times and some very sad times, but with the help of our savior Jesus Christ we are getting through. I have bee attending college for several years now, I have an Associates Degree in Business Administration w/c in Computer Information Systems. I currently attend Everest University working toward a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Programming and I am currently looking for work. My hobbies are writing Christian Poetry (I have one book published "Walkng in God's Love" and another book finished; but not published yet. I enjoy reading a good Christian novel and watching Christian based movies like Courageous, the Grace Card. I love bowling and going out to a good movie with the hubby or friends. My main goal in life is to serve my Savior to the best of my ability and to make a difference in everything I do for his glory, not mine!
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Nikita Mehendiratta

Truly amazing. The first stanza made me think how it is to be 18 again. Now I see at the end why she was 18 again.


We all get our call sometime in our lives..but it’s our choice whether we really pay heed to it…


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