Are You Illusion Or Reality?

Are You Illusion Or Reality? ballad

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This heart keep a secret, secret that only this heart can keep,
I dream an illusion, illusion that I cannot seek,
I have taught my soul to not be fickle, fickle it always is,
Not to know how to be tame, it wanders far, I see it go!

Heart, my mind thinks of you,
Reality or an illusion how would I ever know?
If illusion, to reality I want to turn it and see,
Trust, faith and love, I have blindly put in this dream!

The more I think, the more I get weak, Where this way will lead?
Will this illusion end someday?
Who are you? To whom, I willingly permit to inflict this pain,
Withered I feel, days you do not speak; I live again, something when you say!

Must I make my mind, soul and heart, not to think of you again?
Must I tell my heart, illusion you always will be,
Time is right to teach myself,
Perfect love and waiting for, is not worth for me!

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Rebecca Alick

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I'm a constant learner, love watching birds, can spend hours appreciating nature and write canto to describe its amateur photographer and a writer, but still love to sprinkle on the white pages with my thoughts, writing is a catharsis for me.
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Laya Sarath

Ohh loved it…
I have taught my soul to not be fickle, fickle it always is,
Not to know how to be tame, it wanders far, I see it go!

Loved these lines…….:-)


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