The Tempting Dance

The Tempting Dance short poem

There she sits waiting with wine glass in hand
And so demure, but for the place and time
So, I whisked her out of this drunken band
‘Take me home,’ she said, as our watches chime

Her room is furnished with, I think, the best
Then, when lights were low, she let music flow
As for me, I am on a chair to rest
Then I heard her ask, ‘Can I dance with you? ‘

Lights are now dimmer, as her fingers snapped
Hugs tightened; as the moment’s urge persists
My mind is only on one thought en-wrapped
On the two of us. Nothing else exists

In flaming desire our bodies now bathe
Locked in harmony, as wind sways the grass
Our upper parts have space enough to breathe
But, from waist down, if there’s wind, it can’t pass

Upon her ear, I blew a wisp of hair
She then retaliated by nibbling mine
My impulse was to kiss her lips so fair
And to tell the truth, they still taste of wine

Then slowly, our steps lead toward the bed
What comes next, I might tell given the chance
Hello, but this note I hereby embed:
‘This poem is just all about the dance.’

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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

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♪ ♫ Well, I guess, it could be said that if my knowledge and wisdom were converted to wealth, I may humbly say, in all honesty, that I am not a millionaire. But if out of my two cents, you would agree to accept one of it, then, I could proudly say, in all modesty, that I have done charity.♥
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Editorial Board

Such a sensuous build up so apt to the title and content @Reyvrex_Reyes, fantastic piece of writing ..Though would you consider revisiting the line ‘But, from waist down, if there’s wind, it can’t pass’..Just thought it could have been written differently to fit in better..


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