I Want To Belong

I Want To Belong prose poem

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I may not know much, but I do know that many times you think that you are doing something right, it sometimes throws you for a loop.
If you close your eyes and search deep in your heart
what do you see? Is there something that is eating at me?

Many things tend to stay deep within, and sometimes you hope it will go away and that will be the end
why do we try to pretend “it does not bother us ‘we say, do we think that will make what ever it is go away?

We seek those so called friends, but we wont admit its them that may cause us to feel a certain way, we trust them with our secrets that they promise not to share and then behind our backs they say “Hey we really don’t care.”

They smile in our faces, put their arms around us and inside they can’t wait to tell everything that they did hear, Ahh friendship is it really something you want to have after all these years? Or can I be by myself and just be alone for years, or once again will I give way to tears?

I say a silent prayer and hope that someone hears,
but inside I know I have to call on his name,
but yet I turned my back on him and walked away.
I try to blame so many people for the things that go wrong,
but looking at the mirror I only see just one.
It is easy not to listen to all that was told,
I use to laugh and say ” That fool is so old”
but with age comes experience that I may never come to know, ’cause if I keep living my life the way I do, it might be short any day.

I felt I was right in all that I did,
I felt the way I look was a attractive thing,
but who did I attract, and what does it say,
I been through so much, did any of it pay?

Guys say “hey sweet thing” but all they want is just on thing,” hey girl you are pretty special in everyway”
so they can use you, and take so much of me away.
Each time you give yourself to someone who claims you’re special in a certain way,
a part of you goes away, a notch in their belt that’s all I have to say.

Life is a learning lesson one that we will be taught everyday, we have to be smarter in everyway,
never look down, hold your head up as when you’re down
problems seem bigger than they are.

Life gives you lemons, hey make something good
as even though lemons might seem sour
it depends on who you give it to.
I think I might not know much but
there is one thing I hold true, I will not allow my life to make me blue, I will paint the colours of joy like in spring , I will smile at it all and somehow sing,
I know I am someone and someone strong
I have to give myself credit and find a place to belong……

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