Reflections short poem

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I wasn’t me anymore,
Why I wonder?
When I woke up from my
Deepest slumber.
What changed me?
Or induced me
To change,
I did ponder.
I looked around
I looked at me
In the mirror, my salient
Feature staring back
Eerie, subtle, and silent.
I could see there was a change
A distinct difference. Strange!
I thought, as I sought
For an answer.
My eyes cold, filled with terror
My voice old, broken with tremor
My eyes drooped, my smile taken
My soul trooped, my dignity shaken.
I was different,
To myself, indifferent!
So to myself I asked
“Between the ages passed,
The times spent,
What have I gained
Except for old age?”

Astounding silence echoed
Until I heard a weird sound.
It was a laughter,
A dreary laughter.
And I wary of the sound
Did look around,
But there was only me.
My reflection showed,
And what did I see?
I saw my image,

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Avinash Nair

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I'm afraid, I can't explain myself!..........clueless......................
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Laya Sarath

I was reminded of Sylvia Plath’s Mirrors…keep going..



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