Defeating Evil

The air whirled around in circles.
Dried leaves whistled beneath my feet.
Something was trying to delay me.
Something strange was afoot.

Rain started to drip, drip, drip.
Then torrents down on my face.
I was surely getting the message.
they did not wish me free passage.

Deceit was in the air I knew.
I could feel it circling in a hue.
Rank aromas seeped from underground
Then stillnes, and a quiet, no sound.

Evil’s pungent deadly smell
was loudly ringing death’s bell.
For me? No! No! I yelled.
Go back to your hovel, HELL.

The air cleared and birds again sang.
Flowers bloomed and looked so grand.
Everything seemed light and clear.
I knew, yes I knew HE had been near.

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I love writing and reading poems, not so much the classics these days but knew fresh stuff I find that exciting. New styles and new ideas. Some people paint, or write books or do crafts to get the inside out, me I do poetry and read the inside of folk I love to write fun and nature poems the best though.
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ammu sachariah

Beautifully written. I enjoyed it.

ammu sachariah

Poetry is always a mixture of thoughts arranged in a beautiful and poetic way . Through your poems, you
could prove that.


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