Just For You

Just For You short poem

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I am not a singer
But yet I sang…
….modulating my tones…
The trees heard,
The flowers danced
The bees kicked and rocked…
The birds orchestrated for me
The melody of love

I sang just for her….
…but she did not hear….

I am not a poet…
Yet I wrote…
Moulding my words
Scripting my phrases…
Others read it
Many read it…

It was published
It won an award

I had written just for her
But…she did not read it..

I am not an artist…
Yet I sketched
Marking with pencil
Filling with paints..
Dabbing hues and tints ..
Connoisseurs of art adored it
…it hung on the walls of the art gallery
…it was bought for a price…
It now adorns a wall in a
Five star hotel…

I had drawn just for her…
But she did not see it…

Will love go in vain??

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10 Comments on "Just For You"

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Laya Sarath

🙂 I hope she acknowledges everything very soon

Savi Mani

Yet another beautiful poem, penned in your own style…….the loving heart did everything for his love she didnt notice but rest assure love never goes in vain, cause its said…….Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you. loved your poem………

ammu sachariah

How can your love go in vain . You are a true lover. I loved it.

Nadeem Qazilbash

The audacity of hope, it is this hope that keeps the swing in your turns and the spring in every step, oh the euphoria of love. So well written..

ramakrishnan chatakondu

Why should somebody love somebody…..destiny ?……so let us leave it to destiny …..meanwhile let us enjoy this feel of love for another person ….this feel will not come to us even if we have millions tommorrow…….
My greatest fear in life….to get cured of my lovesickness ……..


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