The First Encounter

The First Encounter short poem

On a chill dewy morning
When thin fragments of mist
Kidnapped the sun….and
Its rays struggled to peep into this world
…they saw…

Our eyes playing hide and seek…
By the river side …

You peeped into my heart…
And perhaps, saw love in it…
For, your eyes glittered,
…your lips smiled,
And my mind was kidnapped!!!

And you disappeared into the mist
Like a God send angel from Heaven!!!

at night…..the dark clouds burst
Into a cold drizzle,
Drops of love
Kissed good night
Against my cheeks
And a lambent moon
Saw me recalling
The first encounter….

The nostalgic charm
On your subdued lips…
The lyrical beauty
in your dazzling eyes
…the sweet simplicity
In your mind
…had enslaved
This simple
Soul called me!!

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10 Comments on "The First Encounter"

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Laya Sarath

Couldnt stop telling you this sir…the poem brought a shy smile on my face :-)..loved it sir..@vistar

Savi Mani

nice poem, loved it, enjoyed it, liked it, mesmerized by it, the first encounter is always unforgettable……..

ammu sachariah

Let the memories of the first encounter be with you always. nice poem.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

What a start……….and the magic continues till the end……..hats off .

Geetha Paniker

It is beautiful.


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