A perfect rendezvous

A perfect rendezvous short poem

My dreams know
no boundaries,
they brew
no fear,
they aren’t
banished by
any legalities
nor are blocked by
undue formalities.

My dreams take me
where I want,
they let me play
and sing a song,
they are my
only reality
and reflect my
true personality,
what if
I get only a few,
happy they have
precious you.

My dreams aren’t
in my control,
they flash
what has been
so far untold,
now I need not
beg anyone
or need a grant
from someone.

My dreams are
what I really miss,
your glimpse,
your company,
a hug and a kiss,
my dreams keep
fueling my reality,
they help me
maintain my sanity,
now I’m learning
to train my mind,
as I know
where and what
to find.

For my dreams
have just
me and you
and are now
the only rendezvous
to meet you..

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Editorial Board

The secret place where love is always possible and true – A perfect Rendezvous. Good writing!


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