Alive To Me

I can see your face, hear you laugh
As if it was only yesterday.
I see you run,jump and smile
Delight in watching you play.

Where have you all gone?
You are all still real to me
I see you inside my mind
If I look, will I find?

All I see is the back of your head
Turn around my fragrant friend
Once again take my hand
Lead me to the new found land.

Are these tears in my eyes
Or just the spray of sea
Clouding my vision of you
Turn around let me see.

We were young, songs we sung
No thought of future days
Yet still I know you all
Always alive to me.

Poet’s Note:
A short poem about the loss of friends. Although they can still be recalled and remembered in memory and photographs.

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Andrew Provan McIntyre

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Travelled this lifes journey for sixty-two years, been married for forty=one years. We produced two children , a daughter and a son.Our Daughter has four children and my son has one. i am a commited Celtophile and love Viking myth and life.
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Laya Sarath

Loved it..loss of anything in life is always a loss…:-(….


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