Love’s Illusion

Love’s Illusion ballad

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This illusion of love is haunting my soul
Do I dare to dream, or do I let go

The night brings such heartache for a love yet to be
Will solace find me, or do I set myself free

If you knew the tears I cried, would mercy be mine
Would your arms embrace me, or would your heart stay blind

I am tired; I am weary to the very depths of my soul
Will your love ever surround me, or do I let go

My eyes hold no mystery, no story untold
But my words fall mute merely protecting my soul

On this journey of love we have broken away
Complacent, dismissive, redundant are we
In your heart is there love or only burden of me

The dawn brings promise of a love yet to be
But why, dear love, does it bring such torment to me

What is it that makes this longing forlorn
True love is timeless, enduring, two souls become one

This journey, this quest is haunting my soul
We both said I do all those years ago
I plead with my heart – do I dare to dream, or do I let go

This poem is part of the Poetry Book The Heart’s Journey Home

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Natalie Ducey

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The potential of the human spirit has always amazed me. Through poetry I try to capture the essence of the fragility and the resiliency of our hearts.
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Laya Sarath

Wow..thats an amazing one.. 🙂



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