An Ode to My Mother

An Ode to My Mother short poem

As I sit across and gaze into those beautiful eyes,
Its all so pure, no pretense without any guise.

A faithful alliance I see,
A dedication that never deserted me.

An individual who loved without reasons,
A person who did not change with seasons.

A unique persona that stuck by only the truth,
A refined being that could not tolerate the uncouth.

A loving soul who always knew my worth,
A genuine being I have known since my birth.

An inspiration that made me achieve great things
A blissful soul that believed I had wings.

Eyes that teared and the heart that cried at my every pain,
The strong hands that caressed and urged me to sustain.

To tread the straight and narrow path you always taught,
While you relentlessly prayed for the little battles I fought.

Have no words to thank you for all you have done,
O ! Dear Mother with you around this life I have won.

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3 Comments on "An Ode to My Mother"

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Editorial Board

@Nazima_Kachwalla every mother who reads this will feel blessed if she could have evoked such thoughts in the mind of her progeny. Beautifully written!

Chandrama Deshmukh

@Nazima_Kachwalla this poem is a masterpiece. What a perfect ode to mother. Some expressions need the perfect words to fit them in, you do that so effortlessly and beautifully. I could somehow never write about my mom. I relate to this ode to a mother more than you know.


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