Dear Roger

Dear Roger prose poem

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When Mum first presented you I thought you were a trick.
Your attempts to buy me off with a Metallica C.D. demonstrated your pettiness.
I didn’t say anything at the time ‘cos I didn’t want to hurt her feelings in front of you.
I wasn’t moody AND I WAS NOT A TYPICAL TEENAGER! I was thinking that you were not my Dad.

When Mum had you stay over at our house I thought she was desperate.
Your attempts to be funny at the breakfast table couldn’t hide your embarrassment. Or hers.
I didn’t laugh at your bad jokes ‘cos I didn’t want to hurt her feelings in front of you.
I wasn’t tired AND I WAS NOT A TYPICAL TEENAGER! I was thinking that you were not my Dad.

When Mum said you were moving in I thought you were a chancer.
Your attempts to explain that it was for the best showed your stupidness.
I didn’t express my real thoughts ‘cos I didn’t want to hurt her feelings in front of you.
I wasn’t sulking AND I WAS NOT A TYPICAL TEENAGER! I was thinking that you were not my Dad.

When Mum announced she was pregnant I thought she was well past it.
Your attempts to conceal your joy were as pitiful as hers.
I didn’t congratulate either of you ‘cos I didn’t want to show my hurt feelings in front of you.
I wasn’t selfish AND I WAS NOT A TYPICAL TEENAGER! I did not know what to think.

When Mum came home with Gracie Rose I thought she was beautiful.
Your attempts to help Mum with baths and changing nappies were really funny.
I didn’t embarrass you in front of Mum ‘cos I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.
I wasn’t grown up and I was not a typical teenager. I did think you were my sister’s Dad.

When Mum was told she had cancer I thought she can’t die, it’s too cruel.
Your attempts to find her the very best treatment were brilliant.
I didn’t know what to do except cry on your shoulder and share your feelings.
I wasn’t an adult but I was growing up. I knew I could rely on you.

When Mum passed away I thought that our lives had changed forever.
Your attempts to look after Gracie Rose and me without her must have been exhausting.
I didn’t know that you loved me, as you are not very good at showing your feelings.
I am older than my age, and you my friend, have helped me grow.

Poet’s note: Response poem to Dear Jared

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Dear Sir,
Your comment above is noted with due respect. We would, however, like you to read the guidelines for submissions at where we have clearly stated our policy that swear or curse words will not be published on the site; this is with a view to maintaining the quality and integrity of content on our site and to give readers of every category a wholesome and enjoyable reading experience. Your poem, Dear Roger, is a beautifully poignant piece of writing and in order that it get the readership it is worthy of, we have published it with the minor change that you have commented on ( you do appreciate, we hope, that the word used by you falls in the category of swear words). However, should you feel that this minor change has in any way compromised the literary or poetic content of your verse , please advise and we shall remove the same from our site.
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Pr–k meaning stupid angry I got it okay Rob sometimes PC goes to a fine edge too, I posted poem about leach-er-ous old men but nothing meant as anything bad.

Anyway down to your poem the read was sad it pulled on the heart.


Sorry my poem was not posted, thats what I meant to say.
Have good day


Roger, I get it the original would have carried much more strength in detailing your emotions. Yet (even) without it your poem has that wonderful urban feel in words, emotions and thought. Happy writing.

Viswas Menon

Well written…..the trauma of a teenager to adopting to a paternal relationship and its fruitful realization is brought out well….keep it up

Savi Mani

Dear Rob, first of all my apologies for coming late on this wonderful emotion filled poem, i have to admit, i read it once, read it twice and read it again and again, i have to say that i tried to visualise how a young kid slowly transformed into a mature young man under the love and care of the person whom he thought he was not his father….i have to admit that your poem welled up my eyes……it was kind of a motion picture in front of my eyes, how the human emotions and feeling changes with the simple divine touch of love, amazing………..thank you for sharing this brilliant emotion filled poem……..loved each and every word of it……regards

Ramapriya Nr

Dear Rob J mann,
When my poem “Dying moments” got published to day , I happen to see caption – poems on death and I immediately clicked it. Your poem was the first one I happen to peep through. Oh what a lovely piece of a poem ! mind blowing. You have shown how a real and simple human being may have an ocean depth of Love and affection hidden in him. I wish I be as such a human being as the hero in your poem. Hats off to you sir…


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