Pedestrian Talk

Pedestrian Talk prose poem

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Everyday I wake up
not knowing where I am
For each day
when I hesitantly open
that dreaded door
confronting me
dreaming I’d never woken up
I enter an unfamiliar world
different from the yesterdays
and the tomorrows
if I still have any left
It wasn’t like that before
when the child and the youth
yanked open and slammed shut
door after door
for then everyday,rain or sunshine
was a new beginning
a new world,new things
the excitement of expecting
then even nights were days
But now I dread the doors
like old church windows
stained glass streaming
mellowed light
make the dark places
more darker.
I’d like to turn over
better the wall that my eyes
contemplate,than the door
on the other side of my
familiar cell,my world 24/7
But the monastic isolation
ends with insisting voices
from the other side
to open the door and
walk into an unfamiliar world
that begins and ends in a day
as I learn to live among people
who think they knew me
a familiar figure
trying to walk straight
but stumbling,falling
flat on my face
the jeers and the sighs
blaring in my ears
I try to close the door
but I’m not allowed to
they push me along
today you’re a failure
tomorrow you may
do better they say
so I live,not my own
opening door after door
dragging my tired self
to bed at the end of the day.

Poet’s Note:
Life’s a routine to many from the sunrises to the sunsets.Though one has plans dreams for many they don’t work out.with life with its brevity begins to dwindle one becomes resigned.

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Suresh Chandra Rao.Nallapu DOB:23-08-1960 Place of Birth:Dhahran Saudi Arabia Nationality: Indian Age:54 Marital Status:Married Educational Q: MA.,M.Phil English Profession:English lecturer Andhra Christian College Residence: H.No 5-93-10 6/13 Brodipet Guntur-522002 Andhra Pradesh Musician self taught guitarist singer,free style artist poet and writer
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