Appointment short poem

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If you are reading this letter,
Then your fear has now turned into anger.
Our appointment on 26th March…
For my absence did not emerge.

I wish I could imagine how you felt.
Lover’s tears when his beloved has sailed?
Trees demand that winter never comes?
A child debarred from playing and throwing tantrums?

Have you thought about life and death?
For my presence have you craved?
If you are reading my letter now, I know-
Furiously you are walking to and fro!

Yet I have words to calm you down.
Before in rage you willingly drown.
Never would have I left you alone;
Since my love for you has equally grown.

You gave me a reason to live…
In destiny for a while I believed.
Deep inside I knew, soon my life will end;
Dear, my last letter from death bed.

Poet’s Note:
Sometimes we don’t know why our friends cannot keep promises. Though the poem has an extreme viewpoint, yet the reasons of our loved ones can be equally meaningful. We need to have trust and believe growing in us always.

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Anindita Bose

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Observing life is my favorite pastime. I believe in myself and people around me. Writing is my passion; through it I can express what i see around me. Simple words but deep ideas- is my style of reaching out.
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asoke kumar mitra

very deeply penned………imagery are very meaningful…………….may I know are you really in distress?
then my prayers……….get well soon…………………..




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