Identification Of The Cutest Creation Ever!

Identification of the Cutest Creation Ever!
‘He’ or ‘It’- What should I call?
A God’s creation that came into existence,
Thirteen years ago.
A creation of flesh and bone,
Purely naïve and totally ignorant
About the cruelties and cleverness
Of the world around.

‘He’ or ‘It’- What should I call?
A thirteen years old creation,
Who knows no taboo, but born
Just to enjoy the delicacies and beauties of life.
A creation, least bothered about the intricacies and pitfalls
Of the impending future.

‘He’ or ‘It’- What should I call?
This thirteen years old creation
Gets carried away by the gadgets
Seeks to find pleasure in techno devices
Though still underage, fancies wild
Not to drive, but to run a car to an extent of
Formula one driving expert- Michael Schumacher.

‘He’ or ‘It’- What should I call?
This thirteen years old soul,
A free bird isn’t cognizance of the bitter fact-
That “Knowledge is Power”.
The soul is of the notion,
That- playing, gossiping,
Googling and gaming
Are the mere pleasures of life.

‘He’ or ‘It’- What should I call?
This thirteen years old, cute and very loving
Creation of God Almighty
Needs to be taught that-
Now, ‘He’ or ‘It’(?)
Is smart enough to distinguish- right from wrong,
Good from bad, important from insignificant,
Beautiful from ugly, and the most important;
To seek tutelage from his/its confidant
To identify his/its hidden capacities,
And the sole purpose of existence.

Can anyone ponder over and identify
Who this thirteen years old creation of God is?
Who is this ‘He’ or ‘It’ in my reference?
It is no one else, but the most priced and adorable
Gift of mine from God-
My son “Adhiraj Partap- King of the Kings”
My source! My life!

Poet’s Note:
The poem deals with my motherly emotions for my son, who is my life and my source of inspiration forever. He is the one who always inspires and encourages me to take up leaps in my life.

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A PhD in American Literature, Dr Disha Khanna- The Diva! possesses 10 years of hands on experience in the field of teaching at the university level. Dr Khanna, a philosophical, fun loving and adventurous person is the content writer of school and college books. She has to her credit the translation of Hindi novel to English "The World Beyond the Motherland". Dr Khanna is the twice recipient of "The Best Researcher's Award" at LPU in the field of Arts & Languages. Currently, Dr Khanna is working as the Associate Professor at GNA University, and even the supervisor to many research scholars.
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