A Naughty Beloved

A Naughty Beloved short poem

Photo by Mike Weston

When I am dejected, frustrated and insane,
I look a way out in a closed dark lane,
And I don’t find a way out, I shout and cry,
My friend is a foe; she is sleeping on sky,
She has left me alone in a winter night,
No sun, no moon, no stars in my sight,
I say to myself, I’m merely a toy of clay,
Break me, break me, I’m tired of this play.

She disguises herself as a charming beloved,
You may believe it or not but I am loved,
Do you know the name of the lady with lights?
You said she is hope that comes with delights,
How you came to know my secret nights!
She must have shared my video on web sites,
No surprise, she is always naughty with me!
My surrender in love, she loves to see!

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Shock! horror! now this one exploded my mind! so different from your other poems. Akhtar explaination is needed here please!



ammu sachariah

Let ‘ Hope’ be your beloved always. Good one.



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