The voice of hope

The voice of hope short poem

He slept and dreamt of her again
Her sweet encouraging voice
But whose was it, so familiar?
Her words always gave him hope
A reason to live
as if he was destined to do something great.

Soon his life became miserably dark
He woke up in screaming tears each day
horrible nightmares curled him in his cocoon of doom
The hope from his body was stolen away
Giving up was the only option left for him

Then that night, he again had that dream
The mysterious voice, which said
“don’t, don’t lose hope
Darling, please don’t be a fool
Lord has created you to walk
not to stumble and fall down
Have faith in yourself
I know you can do it
I gave up my life
To hear your first cry
Son, don’t”

He wanted the dream to last
He wanted to talk to her
But, alas, he woke up
And cried,
But beneath those tears
Was a light of hope
Her words engraved in his mind
Her appearance in his life again was a mystery
But he knew
That wherever she was
She would smile proudly
To see her boy
Facing every obstacle
With hope
Not a hope to win
But a hope to fall then stand
A hope to fail then learn
A hope to say no to wrong
And yes to right
A hope to just keep walking
A hope was all she gave.

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Prajvi Mandhani

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Hello! I am a 12 year old girl and an aspiring poet ! I am a fangirl and in love with Harry Potter , Percy Jackson and Hunger Games !! I am young so my poems might not be well polished but i just write my feeling on a piece of paper because i love doing it ! Hope you like my thoughts written through my poems!!
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Sukhman Singh

Dont hv words fr it

devanshi GUPTA

Prajvi wooow
Such a wonderful poem
Ur way of penning down ur amazing thoughts into a poetry is astounding
Keep it up



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