Safe Haven

Safe Haven short poem

Photo by mahalie

To my cocoon I wish to return
To the safety of my nest.
To the womb that nurtured me
Where I had long been in blissful unawareness
With eyes shut tight
Fists clenched too
Yet to feel , see and know
The temptations of the mortal world
The juggle of daily life
The play of emotions
The hurt caused by love
The disappointments by expectations
To foetal pose I wish to return
Curled and comfortable
In my own hug
And stay put there
Listening to the lullaby
Of my mom’s heartbeat
And stay cosy, and unworried
With the belief
All’s well with me and my world.

Poet’s Note:
Life at times throws annoying curve balls at you and during those trying times you wish to escape to some place where you feel safe and want to believe all’s fine. Wishful thinking ! Just a moment of escapism.

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3 Comments on "Safe Haven"

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Laya Sarath

Wow thats so strong and lovely..loved your poet’s note..especially the words.. WISHFUL THINKING 🙂

Geetha Paniker

Though it is escapism… is safest place. Beautiful!


Wishful thinking! Lovely thought, how I wish we all could take shelter and escape at will.


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