These streets

These streets short poem

Photo by aaroffy

Faded prima donnas pave the way
God’s drunk and moves with a swagger
Another kid bites a burning bullet today
He never stops to stare or linger

Proven faithful lie their way to the altar
Another lamb to bring to the slaughter
The ringing bells summon the congregation
The lies of faith will feed their vision

For twisted streets are paved with jagged pebbles
The glorious preaching only broken fables
For He walked only once through
And the streets are bare to show it’s true.

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2 Comments on "These streets"

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I read ‘jagged pebbles’ with a twisted pun and hence have to say that the lines …’with jagged pebbles
The glorious preaching only broken fables
For He walked only once through
And the streets are bare to show it’s true.” is infact the climax to your poem. It’s wonderful. The sharp cutting knife through those words.


Enjoyed your poem thoroughly:)


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