Mind’s Mood

Minds Mood short poem

Photo by kozumel

When the storm strikes, when the cold bites,
when thirst is unquenched, when survival is at stake.
deep in the world of loneliness, far away from love & happiness
The mind a wild nomad, wandering here, there & everywhere.
No joys to behold, No peace & contentment.
Life – a dry barren desert, this the land of my destiny
yet…thou- an oasis here, Love the ship of this desert.
The hopes being born & dreams blossom…….
This hand assures life, a healing touch to the wounds.
Life, now a real bliss…..
In this tiny land of paradise,
Misunderstandings make it a mirage….
when not seen through the inner eye…..
Well it’s the power of love, in its expression alone
can truly reflect the vision of the heart.

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Love can truly heal a heart and a life too! Nice:)


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