The Elusive Female Cougar

Living in and roaming through a rugged domain east of Princeton,
above the Old Hedley Road, this elusive cougar’s domain is to be admired.
In the solitude of Nature.
Elisa, with her three kits precariously strolling across a rocky precipice
adhering to what Nature has to behold.
The Similkameen River, meandering through the wilderness corridor of the Similkameeen valley’s bottom.
Elisa, is teaching her kits the unique ways of the Wilderness.
In the absolute peace of Nature, Elisa’s extra keen hearing and sense of smell,
suddenly alerts the cat family, Elisa then instantly lopes into the solitude of Nature’s pantry,
the kits find Elisa with a rabbit in her clutches. Elisa leaves the rabbit for the kits to terrorize. The ways of the wild are more than unique! The frightened rabbit makes a dash for safety.
With the kits hot in pursuit. The trio corner the petrified rabbit. Game over!
Elisa waits for these kits to consume their meager rations. Then hissing, to get her kits attention
this elusive cougar leads her family down to the sparkling Similkameen River
where the cats rehydrate themselves.
After re-hydrating the feline family climb back up into familiar territory.
The curious kittens, wander away from mom, With the kitten’s hissing in unison,
this elusive female cougar is at the screaming match in a single bound!
The kits are fighting over another rabbit that has been taken.
With a warning swat from mother, the frisky trio separate and the jack rabbit is divided,
but not evenly! the more aggressive kitten gets the better part.
After the youngsters are fed, the wilderness family moves back along a hog back ridge to higher ground. Gaining the summit, this tuckered cougar family stretches out on an deer bed which has been vacated. Here, time is taken to absorb the warmth of the solar heated bed. The cats rest.
Upon awakening, this elusive female cougar, finds her family in the lengthening shadows of the setting sun.
Elisa, nuzzles her youngsters and encourages them to stay put while she peacefully slinks away to hunt. Looking back on her silhouetted family, Elisa knows that they will be safe until she returns with a meal for the young kits.
In the deepening twilight, Elisa wrestles a young two point mule deer to the ground.
After taking its life, this elusive wild cat struggles back to her playful family with more than enough food for all.
This cat family, silhouetted, upon a weather beaten knoll, as the twilight leads into night.
The hooting of a pair of owls, transforming the peace of Nature.
With insects chirping, and the haunting calls of owls, the wilderness feline family beds down.
A full day of instruction for Elisa’s kittens is ended in a feeding frenzy,
in the dusk transforming day of life as this elusive cougars family of kits
fall asleep in the dusk. With new dreams unfolding for mother.

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