Onward Struggle

Onward Struggle long poem

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“Where the mind is without fear
And the head is held high”
The words of Rabindranath Tagore,
Haunted me day and night.
And yet all I could do was to draw a long sigh!
For all I could hear,
Were the despairing cries and deep anguish,
When all I could see were the news of how millions in all corner of the earth perish!
Yet one day when I was in a deep slumber,
Dazzling hopes did creep,
Which like a silver lining on a dark cloud,
Clung steadfast to my mind ,
And seemed to make a desperate bid to cry aloud!
“Oh desperate soul!”
Do not weep or mourn over the dead ones you leave behind
One day you will reach your goal
When you’ll see every dying man die a peaceful death,
And every living person drawing in carefree breath
Try to see and learn from the lessons of the nature,
The rising sun in the morning and the beautiful moon in the night!
Such a breathtaking sight!
That sends you in raptures
Yes, see this permanence to regain your confidence in humanity,
And then praise that Almighty,
Who had for you created this enthralling scene on this earth,
On which man took birth.”
But once shaken from my slumber I again got a rude shock,
I saw fading into oblivion the suns’ rays,
Swiftly did I realize that my thoughts were just a passing phase,
Where I found myself marooned in an endless battlefield of violence,
I saw every being present being doomed,
Faces so tense with pleading eyes becoming so tense
Alas! the heavenly picture,
Was but reduced to a caricature,
Fizzling out in a twinkling of an eye,
And woke up to the fact that my dreams had uttered a lie
“Does that mean that there are no minds which are without fear?
Or, are heads no longer held high?”
To find answers to such queries did my mind began to steer,
When suddenly I was stopped by a jeering call from yonder
“Yes , it said…..there are minds in infinity,
But all of who are in constant fear,
yes there are heads all bonding together in unity,
But unfortunately can no longer lift it high,
For all seem to have lost their honorable entity,
Before I chose to quit ,
I shot at the voice and asked ” Does that mean that Tagore’s poetic gauge
Will never hope to bring in my land any progressive change?
The voice replied,” Yes, a change, will you see,
If only from fear everyone will be free.
Because as did Tagore so too do I say,
And to the almighty do I wish you to pray,
Let there be no mind without fear,
So that every head is held high”

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Shobha Sundharam

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Like to write.....poems, short plays, screenplay.wish to make a film with a good script written by me and would like to have Big B on board...just a dream
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Refreshed words from my favorite poem by Tagore! Good one:)

ratnaprabha raykar

a poem nicely written!


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