Jake Finally Departs

Jake Finally Departs long poem

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Today I lost my most loyal friend
My dog Jake was loyal to the end
He struggled to walk, my heart was in pain
Couldn’t keep him with me, nothing to gain
Took him to my vet, put him to sleep
My heart is broken, I had to weep
Huge part of my life, I’m lost, I’m distraught
Harmony like Jake can never be bought.
He hung on every word that I ever said
Now he’s left me, my boy is dead
My house is not the same, no face to make me smile
I’m hurting so badly, won’t be normal for a long while.
By my side for 14 years, I’ve never cried so many tears.
He was so much more than just a dog
A haze comes over me like a thickening fog.
My girls are devastated, my wife is on a low
Where do we start, where can we go.
Even my cat Oscar senses he’s not here
He’s not the same, he looks outside with fear.
I would never have believed a pet could mean so much
I’d scratch his ears, he loved it so much
Walk him daily, fun every time
No I have no Jake, I have too much time
My family care and ask how I feel
I cannot answer, it still isn’t real.
Don’t think I will ever buy another dog
It’s too hard to say goodbye, I miss my dog.
I watched the vet give him a jag, then he left
His eyes fixed on me, I felt totally bereft.
Over time he became a part of my life
Now he’s gone, cuts me deep like a knife.
My home eerily quiet, no sounds, no smell
I can’t stop thinking of him, will I heal, time will tell
I still have his toys, his food, his lead
No friend to walk, no companion to feed.
He will be buried with hope, ashes to scatter
As long as he’s happy, that’s all that will matter.
Free from pain, run with no constraints
No more suffering, no more complaints.
I wish him well, I hope he likes his new place
I know I will never forget his wee face.

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I'm married with five girls,I live in Scotland.i love writing,reading,watching television and movies.i enjoy walking my dog Max,and looking after my bearded dragon Jub Jub,and not forgetting my three legged cat Oscar.
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It dreads me to have pets just for this one reason – the unbearable pain post separation…


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