Mother Did Something Right

Mother Did Something Right short poem

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My mother did many things right.
But I’m thankful she taught me to be polite.
Even with all that I struggles with in life,
I never strayed from her advice.

I needed her love more than dad’s.
Not the many concerns she sometimes had.
And I love the woman I’ve become.
I am her daughter who is unlike her sons.

As an adult when I was away from home.
I would speak to her daily on the phone.
Not that I was looking for her approval.
I did so at times when I needed to refuel.

When my siblings were very unkind to me.
Though their behavior no one could see
As it caused me unnecessary grief,
She knew that they were being untrue.

Mama would wrap her arms around me.
Sing softly as I fell asleep.
I later sang the songs she sang.
To comfort my children as well.

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A Registered nurse, wife, mother, poetic writer and United Way volunteer.Born in Belize, migrated to New York at age eighteen. After studying nursing, worked as an emergency room until starting a family.Having both natural and chosen children, it was the emotional struggles of the chosen ones that gave birth to many of her poems.Ruthieg believes that when all is forgotten or ignored, expressive words linger or get heard. That it is important for the hurt and wounded to have a voice, for that purpose, many of my poems were written.
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Balveen Cheema

We move on in life following the footsteps of our precious parents.

ammu sachariah

A mother will be always ready to wrap their children in the arms. Good poem. I like it .

Smita Kanchan Bhagoliwal Srivastava

Excellent poem!
The value of someone strikes you more when you loose them…
Also the responsibilities she had and pains my mother endured to bring me up are now much appreciated when I am in her shoes…. a mother of two: 12 yr old son and 5 yr old daughter!


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