On the verge of forgetting.

On the verge of forgetting. short poem

Somewhere in a dusty corner lies
a memory of you. Neatly folded
into a perfect square. Tucked away
precariously amongst identical pages
of denial. Sometimes, it threatens to
burst into flames. But layers of conceit
(both yours and mine) douse it. Effectively.
One of these days I will bury it deep enough

and keep it out of reach. Safely. Forever.

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4 Comments on "On the verge of forgetting."

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Editorial Board

@Loreto_Maimoni your poem arouses this sudden transformation of mind. It’s like now you were a human, and suddenly you become a ‘neatly folded perfect square’ and then a memory buried ‘deep enough’. The power of your imagery is so strong, the poem sticks to you even after you are done reading it. Waiting to read more!

Chandrama Deshmukh

@Loreto_Maimoni The images in your poems are so gripping they don’t leave me long after I have read them. So much packed in this short piece. The simplicity makes it even more beautiful. Waiting to read more of your poems.

asoke kumar mitra

very heart wrenching write.



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