The Angel that missed the last bus into town

The Angel that missed the last bus into town long poem

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The angel had missed the last bus into town
Her wings were all rain wet and she felt so down
Until in a shop doorway a Saint sheltered there
While he whistled a psalm and he sang the Lords Prayer,
So she stopped and remembered the way she had came
As she dried herself off in the Lord’s Holy flame,
Then she took to the air and she whispered away
To those morning song Matins that touched a new day.

The angel was wrapped in her morning mist shade
Though her eyes mirrored heaven, she still was dismayed,
For how had she got lost on her way to her church
Until then she had never had reason to search,
Then she thought of a hymn that she always could hold
To warm all of the reasons that kept out the cold,
And her halo glowed gold in the soft rising dawn
As she thought once again of a glorious newborn.

The angel’s smile glowed and it melted the mist
As she thought of the holiness her lips had kissed,
She flew over a school where the young children played
And she thought of the difference her saviour had made,
As she flew through a meadow its fragrance was sweet
So she came down to earth and felt once more complete
In her floral magnificence she dressed again
No need to be lost or afraid of the rain…

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I am an elderly gnome who loves reading and particularly writing poetry, I live in a cottage on the North Yorkshire coast in England.
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Keith your poem is so cinematic….The country side. The wispy mist…. so much more. I can see it all. Lovely!


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