The fight

The fight short poem

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Anticipation hung in the air,
The crowd chanting his name,
Ding ding…..
Fists flying, punches pounding,
Sweat dripping, feet dancing.

Nervous sensations rising,
Knotting tighter with an adrenaline cocktail,
Ding ding….
Tension grows like lightening strikes,
Heads duck,arms jabbing with intentions…

Aggression with passion drives forth,
Chorus of support is heard in unison,
Ding ding….
Tired dizzy competitors,
A stream of cuts of red appear.

Strike,thud,noise of gloves on flesh,
What a spectacular spectacle of onslaught,
Ding ding….
Awaiting the result of high hopes
Held breath for reward warranted……

Jubilation, cheers of joy and utter relief
Its a triumph he won!!!

Well done Adam my nephew in your title fight..,..

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Mandy Moran

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enjoy the moment and live every minute like its your last!!!!!believe in yourself anythings possible!!!!I love expressing my emotions through poetry, I hope you enjoy them. Thank you for reading... Mandy.x
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Mandy, I know damn all on boxing or wrestling but your poem was intriguing in the way by which it got me to read on. So much for a great write!


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